Valerie Samuel Henderson is a visual artist based in the Los Angeles area who works with issues of the environment, sustainability and the creative process, using language,  multimedia and gestural abstract painting.

The artist grew up on the East Coast and moved to Southern California to attend graduate school at U.C. San Diego, where she completed an MFA in Visual Art. Undergraduate study included McGill University in Montreal, Canada and then the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, where she obtained a BFA in Painting.

At the culmination of a one year artists-in-residence program at U.C. Irvine in 2013, she produced a solo exhibit, "Toward a Poetics of the Land", at the University Art Gallery at UCI. The installation included paintings, drawings, an artist's book and short video loops with images and spoken word. 

"Letters to the Earth" is a series of mandala-like, mixed media paintings on square panels. The  work was inspired by listening to an interview with Elon Musk of Tesla Motors discussing why he gave away the patents to his electric motor and his realization of the depth of the global infrastructure of the "petrol-industrial complex".